About Tin Foil Toque

Where can you get information on eating healthy, when even the government is complicit in the conspiracy?

"Tin Foil Toque" filters the powerful signals coming from Big Food and the US FDA, breaks it down, and tells you the truth about your food. Here, I answer your questions about diet, in the United States and everywhere that people eat the standard American diet. Questions like:

Why am I always hungry?
Do I live in a food desert?
What should I eat to lose weight?
What does a healthy, balanced diet look like?

My name is Justin Cascio. I'm a health and lifestyle writer, a locavore food blogger, and a pretty good cook. My food values are closely aligned with those of the Slow Food movement, somewhat less so with the Paleolithic diet, closer still with ethical omnivory, and strongly influenced by the teachings of Weston A. Price. A few of the things I believe about nutrition and health that are contrary to the mainstream:

Fat does not make you fat.
Animal products are an important part of the human diet.
You can be healthy at any size.
The BMI scale doesn't tell you anything important about your health.

Being able to make your own food is empowering, creates more real choices in what you eat, and is inherently better for you, in every way, than commercially prepared, industrial food products. The premise of my locavore blog,  "Justin Wants to Feed You" is that of the adage, "Feed a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him forever." This blog is about why you should bother.

You can follow me on Twitter @likethewatch, see what I'm eating on Google+, and read what else I'm writing on Facebook, here.